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Sampanthan and Hakeem had got together and working family towards a solution

As far as the matter of solution is concerned, TNA’s Leader Sampamthan and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Hakeem have got together and working firmly so that both the races will gain maximum amount of power devolution. Both the Leaders should talk among them with an open mind, and find the solution to the problems, said the Chief Minister of Eastern Province, Seinulabtheen Naseer Ahamed.

A mobile service for solving the land disputes was held yesterday at the Eravoor Pattu Pradeshiya Sabai.

He said as above while participating and speaking to the gathering there.
My personal wish is that the Tamil and Muslim people should live with unity which had prevailed between them 40 years ago. We are prepared to give any price for that.

We still believe that the President and the Prime Minister will provide solutions to the problems of the minorities. The people who ruled with a mentality that the minorities should not be given any rights and wanted that the minorities to be oppressed, are still pausing blockades to the matter of political solution. Several negotiations were held locally and abroad, but they just remained at that stage. Current negotiations should not be like that.

We are ready to make compromises for solving our problems. But we are not going allow the rights of the minorities being curbed in the guise of compromises, he said.