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Sampanthan pays last respect for Sobitha Thera

Tamil National Alliance R.Sampanthan paid his last respect to late Ven.Maduluwewa Sobitha Thera at the Naga Viharaya.

Large crowds have been gathering at Kotte Sri Naaga Viharaya to pay their last respects to the late Venerable Madoluwawe Sobhitha Thera.

The remains of the late Thera were escorted in a special motorcade to Kotte Sri Naaga Viharaya from a private funeral parlor.

November 12th has been declared a national day of mourning.

The government requests that every house hold raise a yellow flag in honor of the late Nayake Thera.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry announced that November 12th has been declared a holiday for all Pirivenas in the Colombo District.

In addition, the government has decided to close all liquor shops, slaughter houses and meat stalls throughout the country.