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Sampanthan who is selling off the rights of Tamils has no right to criticize us: says Gajendrakumar

The Leader of the TNPF, Gajendrakumar Ponnamblam said yesterday that Sampanthan  who is selling the rights of Tamils for his political sustenance has no right to criticize us and went on to challenge Sampanthan to come for a public debate, if he really has a backbone.

He said so in a Media conference held yesterday at the head office of his party located at Kantharmadam.

Elaborating further he said, the leadership of the TNA is betraying the people. Sampanthan’s recent speech in Parliament amply proves this. The leadership is backing off from making the Government account for the war crimes. He had spoken to the effect that individuals in the Army had committed the war crimes. This is not a crime of individuals. This a structured crime perpetrated by the Government with its Army.

If the war crimes are to be considered as individual crimes, it means that Sampanthan is getting ready to  abandon the war crimes. He has not mentioned the name of the party but said that the faction that got only 15,000 votes. He is in no need to mention about defeated faction, but to answer our accusations.

People rallied behind TPC because of the mistakes of the Leadership of TNA. If Sampanthan has a backbone let him come for a public debate with us.