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Sampanthan’s statement is stupid: condemns Suresh Premachandran

When all the Tamil people and the eight MPs of the TNA  are with a view that the UN should not give any more time to Sri Lanka Government,  Sampanthan’s opinion that the government should be given more time with condition is stupid, said the former MP, Suresh Premachandran said.

He visited the relatives of missing persons who are engaged in a continuous struggle demanding the information on missing persons and people made to disappear and after conversing with them yesterday he told the media as above. All the Tamil people have refused the granting of further time. What can these people, who have not moved a small chip towards UN resolution, those who have refused to allow multi-national judges, those who had not achieved anything accepted in the UN do in the 1 ½ years that is left?

If the army cannot be investigated, Multi-National judges could not be allowed and if the investigation groups cannot  be established, what is the use of  granting time?, he asked. Nearly half of the TNA MPs, several MPcs, several Civil Societies had sent letters to Sampanthan that time should not be granted to Sri Lanka Government. Tamil people have realized that this government is cheating them without giving information on missing persons. Sampanthan should realize this and say the International Community that they should not grant time, he said.