Saturday 19 October 2019
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Sathosa Mass grave  -151  skeletons recovered so far

Sathosa Mass grave  -151  skeletons recovered so far

The excavation at the Mass Grave site in Sathosa, Mannar  was continued yesterday in pouring rain.

The excavations commenced in March this year, continued for the 82nd day yesterday.

Although heavy rains are prevailing the excavation is being continued.

Officers undertaking the excavations said that the victims may have buried naked and in haste.

A biscuit packet’s outer cover price marked Rs.5 also was recovered and the manufactures had confirmed   that the packet had been produced in 1995. This had tentatively fixed the burial date to 1995.

It is notable that Tamil Diplomat reported this few week back.

So far 154 skeletons had been identified and 151 removed for storage.

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