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School demolished…..Buddha statues in temple locations at Vasavillan

The owners of lands that had been already announced to be released to the owners on 23rd March were in for a shock, when they went to see their lands as per Government notification. Nearly 75% were blocked from seeing their lands by new army fences. Vasavillan/Ottakapulam RC School had been demolished and part of it used by Gajaba Regiment. This school was intact just 2 years back people said. The church of Mother Mary had been fenced in completely.

Samather Sellathurai orthopaedic treatment centre famous all over Sri Lanka is also under the complete control of the Army.

The people who went to see their lands were not allowed beyond Thikkamparai Junction. All Civilian dwellings had been flattened the people said.

Meanwhile, the people and catholic priests ,who were disappointed in not being able to see their lands as promised had decided to boycott the land handing over function to be held on 23rd, with the President, the Prime Minister and former President Chandrika participating, which they described as an event staged to hoodwink the International community.

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