Sunday 20 January 2019
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Scorching of the Jaffna Library, part of the Genocide , says Jaffna Mayor Arnold

Scorching of the Jaffna Library, part of the Genocide , says Jaffna Mayor Arnold

We see this day as a part of the genocide unleashed against us 37 years ago, said the Jaffna Mayor Arnold.

In context where 37 years had passed after burning of the Jaffna Library, a commemoration of that day was held yesterday at the Jaffna Library.

In this event presided by MPc M.K.Sivajilingam, a sacrificial flame was lighted in front of the Library and floral tributes were paid. Speaking there the Mayor said as above.

Elaborating further he said, As usual we are commemorating the event here today. We are aware that Rev. Fr. David died of shock of seeing the Library burnt also with books written by him. In past years we have commemorated many important persons. Next year this event will be organized by the Municipal Council on a grand scale with people from all faction being invited.

This event should tell the future generations of what had happened 37 years ago. Our opinion is that every incident like should be properly documented and presented to everyone who may come towards us, he said.

The leader of the Opposition, S.Thavarasa speaking there said, although, the building had been rebuilt the books and ola manuscripts burned here will remain erased from the history. It is not only applicable to that day. From that day to Muliwaikkal, Who did them? Who were behind them? Will remain undetected.No justice was delivered on them. Although several regimes had changed, these thing remain undetected. No reliable investigations were done.

Several people including Mayor Arnold, Municipal Commissioner,  T. Jeyaseelan, Leader of the House, NPC, C.V.K.Sivagnanam, NPC Leader of the Opposition, S.Thavarasa, NPC Minister Ananthy Saseetharan, Members of the NPC, Chirmen of Pradeshiya Sabas,  and the officers of the Library, participated in the event.


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