Friday 15 November 2019
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Sea water invade villages in Mannar and Mulaitheevu Districts

Sea water invade villages in Mannar and Mulaitheevu Districts

Sea water started to flow into villages of Santhypuram, Southbar, Emil Nagar, Gimtone Nagar, Jeevapuram, Panankaddikoddu East and West, from around 6.00 a.m.

The people of the above villages expressed concern that, although the Disaster Management Centre was informed, that the sea is invading the villages, no action was taken to visit the villages and take suitable action to handle the disaster.

Several houses are surrounded by sea water. Water had come into the villages through the drainage Channel in the Railway Road – Main Road.

If the sea waters are not prevented in the future from invading the villages, most of the houses in these villages will surrounded by sea water and rendered inhabitable, the people said.

Disaster Management officials were not available for comment.

People from several villages temporarily displaced due to sea waters coming into their villages.

Many houses in the villages of Mulaitheevu, Vannankulam, and Silawathai were heavily damaged due to sea waters invading the villages.

The President of Fishermen’s Societies, Arulnathan  said that due to the disaster that struck at around 4 p.m., around 400 boats had been damaged and Fishing equipments had been washed away by the invading waters.

In a context where the depression that had formed in the South Eastern Bay of Bengal had developed into a strong depression, sea waters had invaded the villages, making the people to encounter various problems.

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