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Sellers warned against Chinese crackers

The Fire and Rescue Services Department has strictly told cracker dealers and sellers that sale of Chinese crackers will invite stringent action.At a meeting with cracker traders to discuss safety precautions during Diwali festival, senior officials of Police and Fire and Rescue Service Departments emphasised in no uncertain terms that stocking or selling Chinese crackers has been banned.

The traders were sensitised to the guidelines of the Explosives Act, 2008, which states that sale of foreign made explosives is a punishable act.As for Chinese crackers, the traders learnt that they contain banned chemical Potassium Chlorate which is highly friction-sensitive causing explosion even by mere fall to the ground or contact with other objects.

District Fire Officer In-Charge Saravanan said the traders are being instructed about the dangers of Chinese crackers at the time of issual of NOC.Temporary outlets will be permitted to operate for a few days before Diwali and a day after the festival while those with permanent licences are permitted to sell crackers for a longer duration, Mr. Saravanan said, adding that altogether 236 NOCs have been given for sale of crackers throughout the district.

Town Deputy S;uperintendent of Police Sampath Kumar, who also took part in the meeting, urged the traders to issue pamphlets containing dos and donts to customers.Outlets for crackers will be permitted to conduct business only after issual of no objection certificate by the Fire and Rescue Service Department.The sellers were advised to keep adequate quantities of sand and water ready to meet emergencies, to have two entry/ exit points in the shops, use only quality wiring in the shops, and display ‘no smoking’ boards prominently, the officials said(THE HINDU,2016).