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Senior Photo – Journalist Kathiravetpillai drowns in well during assignment

Eelam’s  Senior Photo-Journalist Kathiravetpillai had lost his life yesterday during an assignment drowning in a well. Although  he was recovered immediately from the well and admitted to Jaffna Teaching Hospital, he breathed his last without responding to treatment.

He brought out detailed news regarding the Massacre during the Tamil Research Conference in Jaffna and the Maviddapuram Temple entry crisis. He had lost the sight of one of his eyes in an assault by Police.

A man who had seen nearly 1000 moons, he had served the media for more than 34 years. He had received several awards including “Kala Bhoosanam” for his services to the media including the final    award of  “The Seniormost Photo Journalist of Eelam” awarded by the Uthayan News Paper at its 25th annivesary celebrations.

He had contributed to all media operating from the North and several other Media.

His remains were handed over to the relatives after Pot-Mortem.

The Tamil Diplomat bows its head in respect to this doyen of Photo Journalism. May his soul rest in peace