Sunday 31 May 2020
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Several acres of jungles in Ponnalai Thiruwadinilai burnt down in jungle fire

Several acres of jungles in Ponnalai Thiruwadinilai burnt down in jungle fire

The jungle area from Ponnalai to Thiruwadinilai was burned down in jungle fire yesterday razing down several acres of forest lands.

Some officers had noted a fire in this jungle area at around 10.00 a.m. and informed the matter to Vali West Divisional Secretary, Miss. Premini and the Navy.

The Divisional Secretary who sped to the spot and on realizing the seriousness of the situation had informed the Fire Brigade of the Jaffna Municipality. Calling all the Field Officers of ValiWest Divisional Secretariat to the spot, the Divisional Secretary had engaged all of them in the task of dousing the fire.

The Navy personnel and the members of the Chulipuram West AlaiMakal Fishermen Cooperative Society who also sped to the spot vigourously engaged in the fire-fighting.

Meanwhile the Jaffna Municipality Fire Brigade also came to the spot and engaged in firefighting. However it was somewhat difficult for them to bring the fire under control as the fire was very intensive.

There upon the help of the Vali West Pradeshiya Saba, Karainagar Pradeshiya Saba, and Karainagar Divisional Secretary was sought.

Karainagar Divisional Secretary, E.Thayaruban, Karainagar Pradeshiya Saba Secretary, Mrs. Uruthira Sambasivan and Vali West Pradeshiya Saba Secretary responded by sending water bowsers. Workers were also sent by the VW PS Secretary.

By hard work of hundreds of people the fire was brought under control at around 3.00 p.m.

It is suspected that the wood cutters may have lighted the fire accidentally or some arsonist may have done it and inquiries are undertaken in that direction.

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