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Several Banks established in the North are not helpful to the public, says Mawai Senathyrasa

TNA  MP, and ITAK Leader, Mawai Senathyrasa has said that several banks which have taken root in the North are not helpful to the public.

He was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the State constructions Contractors Association held at the Jaffna Public Library Auditorium yesterday.

Although allocations of the Government, donors and Volunteer organizations are undertaking Development work in this area, whenever the allocation are made we observe that people with capitalist background come here with the government’s privileges executing constructions here with heavy machinery and southern labour. They undertake several activities with the connivance of government officials or on their own.

We should expend the allocated funds honestly and without fraud or corruption.Multi million Contractors are securing contracts easily while our contractors are not provided with opportunities. Our people do not posses heavy machinery and equipment nor trained personnel.

Our soil should be built up in next 3 years. The Tamil Diaspora and several countries are ready to invest in the North. We have to train our youth as planners to absorb and utilize the fund that will flow in, he said.