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Sex worker who wanted to marry: a succession of disastrous incident occurred

Switzerland man wanted to start a new life in the country and married to a sex worker met a man disconcerted him for subsequent events. Egliswil in the Swiss city of the province of arkav person has lived.

One sex worker in the same area as a result of habit, that person chose to start a new life with him.Those who continued the habit a few years, thousands of sex worker has given money.In this case, one day, we both start life anew, “he said to the woman of his choice.

However, this agreement seems to be that girl. The problem with this issue and that person become angry, sex worker 31 times with a knife and stabbed the barrage kills.The incident took place in August 2002, he was arrested and the court sentenced him to 13 years in prison.

Having completed his sentence last August, was released from prison last May, the application has become.However, the person involved in the brutal murder of several experiments have also.The court awarded the test results, “will not be released to the person by putting in more crimes did not have any indication that it was found.

Moreover, there are some flaws in the applications filed by lawyers who argued for the prisoner, the judges said that postponing the release of the offender.After having completed the sentence, refused to release that person and  put him in agony, his lawyers are criticizing.