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Shivajilingam’s ‘walk for justce’ begins in Elephant Pass

The march undertaken by Northern Provincial Councillor K.Shivajilingam demanding an international probe into war crimes and rejecting domestic mechanism commenced from Elephant Pass for the second day on Friday, September 11.

TNA Parliamentarian S.Sritharan and TNA Northern Provincial Councillor Ananthy Sritharan were present when the march commenced yesterday in Killinochi.

The procession started from near old Kacheri Kilinochchi is expected research ” Col. Kittu Palk” in Nallur.
Large number people including the relatives of people mad to disappear, TNA MP, Sritharan , members of the NPC, Sivajilingam and Ananthy Sasitharan, Chairmen of Pradeshiya Sabas and general public.