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Shortage of sand and gravel in the North: Danger of development works being stopped

Because of the shortage of gravel and sand, a danger of all development works is looming in the North, said the President of the Northern Branch of the National Construction Society Engineer N.Nanthruban. This is stated in a media release sent by him.

Restriction has been placed over mining sand in the North. In a context where important construction works are in progress, a shortage in gravel and sand is created in the North by the ban.

As the sand is delivered only in the nights, the confirmation of the quality and quantity of them has been rendered difficult. The works could not be carried out on a planned way.

Because of this the contractors find it difficult complete the work within their deadlines. Relevant officials are not concerned with this situation but insist that some or the other the work should be completed in time. If the official will not make the contractors available with the materials, the contractors will be forced to stop all the works.