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Signature campaign commences in Jaffna calling International Investigation against Genocide

A signature campaign had been commenced today at the Jaffna Bus stand calling for Intrnational Investigation Mechanism against genocide.

Action group of Tamils for International Accountability Mechanism had put out a rallying call for this.

 This signature campaign had been extended with a theme of ” We demand the UN to create an International Criminal Procedure Mechanism against the perpetrators of  Violations of Humanitarian and Human Rights in Sri Lanka.”

This signature campaign was inaugurated with a declaration “We reject categorically any internal investigation Mechanism, created by the Sri Lankan Government and the Investigations by it.”

Large number people including, The Leader of Tamil National People’s Front, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, Former MP, Suresh Premachandran, Jaffna District MP, Sritharan, Member of NPC, Sivajilingam, Religious dignitaries, Students of the Jaffna University, Members of the University Teacher’s Union, Members University Employees Union, participated in this event and pledged their support.

The organizing Committee had informed that this campaign will continue today in Central Bus stand, Nallur Temple environment, Thirunelvely Market, Point Pedro Market and at several other locations.

Commenting on this Campaign, the President of this Action Group, Proffessor V.P.Sivanathan said that, This will be undertaken as a continuous campaign and finally, the memorandum including the signatures will be forwarded to the UNHR Commissioner.