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Signature campaign in Mannar demanding release of TPPs

The PTA is a terrorist law. Those who adopted it are terrorists. Our youths have been arrested under the PTA and interned in several prisons, said the Coordinator of the National Organization for releasing Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs), said Rev. Fr. Sakthivel.

A signature campaign was held at the Mannar Bazzar area demanding the release of TPPs who had been arrested and detained without any inquiries, on day before yesterday morning.

People who had fought for their soil, are branding our youth who fought for our soil and the politics of Tamil people as terrorists. Releasing of TPPs is a national problem. They should be released, he said.

This signature campaign will be extended to several other parts of the country.

Meanwhile the TPPs  who are on a Fast unto Death continued the fast for the third day, with two elders over 60 years growing weak.