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Singing national anthem in Tamil unacceptable: Uthauagamanpila

Western Provincial Councilor Udayaganpila has expressed objection to the statement made by President Maithripala Sirisena recently that the national anthem can be sung in Tamil.

Addressing a media meeting, he stated that it is against to do so. It was not stated in the manifesto of President Sirisena during the polls. If this suggestion by President is implemented, they will challenge it in Courts. They will move a vote of no confidence on the government party in Parliamant and in provincial councils.

Mean while the BBS also accused that, the issue of a circular permitting the singing the National Anthem in Tamil is an act of breaching the Constitution and had said that the Government is trying to create new problems.

According to the Constitution if the language of singing the National Anthem, is to be changed it should be done after a referendum, said the executive Director of BBS, Dilantha Withanage.