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Sinhala leadership acting with integrated strategies and planning and the Tamil leadership engaging in Laissez faire politics

Sinhala leadership acting with integrated strategies and planning  and the Tamil leadership engaging in Laissez faire politics
By L. Vijayanathan
Following the Sri Lankan Parliament being dissolved  on June 26th by the President Maithripala Sirisena, Not only the Sri Lankan political field but also the Geo-Political moves have reached the boiling point again. Particularly, the announcement of Mahindha that he is coming to the arena through UPFA had attracted the attention of these moves. While the forces which were in forefront to defeat Mahindha in the last President’s election are endeavouring to defeat him this time, the forces which were affected by his defeat are clamouring to put him back in the ruling structure. These forces could be easily identified by people who know about the geo-politics that is being undertaken with the Indian Ocean at its centre.

The people in the Sinhala Nation, although their party politics has a competitive nature, they all resort to joint effort in subjugating the Tamils. This is visible through every step they take in this direction. Thus, while people who were accused of war crimes had been given promotions and diplomatic placements and protecting shields were provided to them, it had postponed the War Crimes Investigation report of the UNHRC for six months, citing the formation of a new regime. It had pledged several promises with regard to this, but now the Sinhala Nation is attempting to paralyze the post report actions or shelve them.

They promised to set up the Internal investigation mechanism in July, to the Commissioner of the UNHRC, but now they have announced that the said mechanism will be created after the publication of the UNHRC Report. Then why did they pleaded to postpone the publication of the report intended for March. Here their true intention is very clear. That is, Sri Lanka is ready to accept neither the War Crimes investigations nor the Accountability at any time.

thediplomat_2015-01-13_12-45-50-386x267-300x207So as to strengthen this further, the election date had been fixed during the same time that, the Investigation Report is expected to be published. The same person who was defeated  in the last Presidential Election, accused of authoritarianism and corruption by the Sinhala Nationalists, is now allowed by them to contest as a chief candidate through UPFA( while President Maithri stick on to his party).

DSCN3515The election date had been fixed as a calculated move to facilitate the pleading for further time or the Geo-interests related forces attempting to weather the intensiveness of the report in order to sustain the regime favourable to their interests in Sri Lanka. A small question, as to why, after the passage of the 19th amendment Government did not decide to dissolve the Parliament knowing very well that the current situation is not conducive pass the 20thamendment, election reforms, will make us understand the above.

mahinda-rajapakse-300x192At the same time, through bringing Mahindha to the arena through the UPFA, Mahindha could be appointed as the Prime Minister if his party wins a majority or the Leader of the Opposition if it loses, and he may be given the diplomatic immunity while, Sri Lanka  had drafted very cunning and minute plan to completely block the War Crimes Investigations and related activities, citing the political pressure that will be developing  or will be created.

TNA-Sampanthan-Sumanthiran-300x179While the activities of the Sinhala Nation is like this, Tamil people had slipped to position of losing, even the meager acknowledgements obtained through 60 years of struggle. The sole responsibility for this, rest with the senior Tamil Leaderships. Some of them utilize their parties and leaderships to place their private interests to the fore, not the interests of the Tamil people. Some incidents where individuals had taken decision and actions that could affect the destiny of the Tamil Community as a whole, foretell some future dangers that could occur.

They have played conjuring games of new regime, new change, new hopes, new reconciliation and calling to the Tamil Diaspora, to work along, to the last and now trying to make fools of Tamil people, saying that, the unreachable fruits will be sour. These people went around saying that, President Maithri had given assurances to them, he is not like the former President, did not even know about what will be the effective ruling structure to be formed. After the forthcoming elections, the Prime Minister will have executive powers. It will be just like, how Chandrika acted like an Executive Prime Minister during 1994s, when D.B.Wijethunge of the UNP was the Executive President. To speak the truth, the forthcoming government will be formed with an Executive Prime Minister.

TNA press at hrc25In that way, the reason for such activities of the Tamil Leaderships is the lack of understanding of the struggles of the Tamil people. The liberation struggle of the Tamil people is not solely against the Sinhala rulers. That is really the struggle against the Sinhala Nation which over the periods had intentions of subjugating the Tamils. To have leaderships which do not have historical experience of how many times Tamil Leaders were swindled over the times by alternate governments which came to power and who are trying to justify their actions by saying situation then was different an todays situation is different, is the curse on our race. There is a saying in Tamil which says, “Even a lettuce shop should have its rival”. But, such a situation not being present in the Tamil Political arena in the main reason behind the  laissez faire politics of current Tamil Leadership.

VETE-300x187On the other side as if to further ruin the already ruined Tamil Nationalism, a new political party in the name of “Democratic Militants” in the guise of former militants had been put into the arena,  in accordance with the covert plan of Indian and Sri Lankan Intelligence structures. When one look at their demands, it is the same minimum demands placed forward by any Tamil party from the EPDP, the para-military group of the Sri Lankan Army to the Tamil candidates with the Main Sinhala Parties. This itself will reveal their real agenda. They are in possession minutely concocted plan to ruin Tamil Nationalism.

This “ Democratic Militants” party had been established with the Rehabilitated militants. It is common knowledge to every Tamil as to, in what kind of situation and from whom they received the Sri Lankan Rehabilitation. It is fact known to all that, several of such rehabilitated former militants were living with their feelings castrated and leading a life of living-dead’s, under the continuous monitoring of the Sri Lankan Intelligence structures. When reality is like this, trying to show that this party was formed by former militants and to create an image that, this is Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, is like making a mountain out of a mole hole.

timthumb-300x169The objective of this is seems to be degrading the peerless sacrifices of Liberation Tigers and the benefits from them. Further, the aim of the people who are behind this,  may be to reduce the representation of Tamil people through bringing this party into the fray, inflate the election defeat of this party to mean that the Tamil people had rejected the request of the Liberation Tigers, picture that, the struggle of the Tigers is a terrorist struggle sans the people’s support and to extend propaganda that Tamil people have no problem in Sri Lanka.

At the same time, seeing the amount of votes the people of the North and East polled to Maithri, in the last President’s Election, Most of the Sinhala Parties have expanded their activities this time centering on the Northern and Eastern provinces. They are attempting to capturing few seats more and to increase votes for the National list.

map_jaffna_p-300x200On the other side the number of seats for Jaffna District had been reduced from 9 to 7 on the basis of number of voters.There was drop in the number of Voters after the displacement in 1995.After that the Parliament election were held 4 times.But the number of seats were reduced only now citing the number of voters as the reason. As usual, our leaders are keeping silent without showing any opposition. The Governments investigations on missing persons are not completed so far. Considerable number of displaced-persons is unable return to their own lands yet. Several thousand acre lands are under the control of the Army under the guise of HSZ. The people who migrated due to war are unable to settle their own lands. The voting rights of the people with dual-citizenship had been revoked. Although we do not have faith in the Sri Lanka’s Judicial system, The Tamil Leaderships with legal expertise did not took any initiative to file a case against the reduction of seats on the basis of the above unusual situations and make the world aware the real situation.

kerry-tamil-300x168Tamil community which struggled for its rights making several monumental sacrifices today travels with a thought of somebody else will come and fight for them. From those days to these days, The Sinhala nation is acting to subjugate Tamils Nationalism through Institutionalized ruling structure. But the TNA, which claims to be attempting to protect Tamil Nationalism, is acting as per the decisions of individuals. When will these people who could not register the Tamil National Party properly , going to institutionalize and conduct Tamil National Struggle.

DSC-0132-e1436191402892Not giving way to new blood, new thoughts and new imaginations, the TNA’s seat allocation had been done without causing any hampering to the victory of former MPs. On the other side, among all these confusions and splits, the VIPs of two main parties had declared publicly that in order to safeguard the growth and security of the Sinhala Nation in the future, youth with intelligence and ability should be given considerable opportunity in this election and they are putting into action their word.

3925a7dc7e34492d9df1344fb21db012_18-300x168Meanwhile, Mahindha Rajapakse had taken up his only weapon of “ Tiger scare ” again for this election. Whether he wins or loses through this slogan, both will be advantages to Tamil People, depending on how we use them. If the politics of the Tamil people will drag behind laissez faire actions of a few as earlier and without  Vision with love for the race, jointly drafted strategies and institutionalized actions, Nobody can prevent the Tamil Nationalism getting caught in the whirlwind of in the geo-politics that moves centering on the Indian Ocean and getting obliterated.

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