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Sinhala Ravaya Vehemently opposes singing National Anthem in Tamil

The Sinhala Ravaya ,  staged a demonstration in front of the Parliament protesting the singing of National Anthem in Tamil. They carried and shouted slogans like: “ Singing the National Anthem in Tamil is an act instigating racialism.”

 “We will ban singing of the National Anthem in Tamil.”

“ No honest governance in the new regime. People without back bone are ruling the country.”

Later, when the protester tried to march, towards ‘Sethsiripaya’, Police intercepted them and sent them back to Parliament area, with a promise of arranging a meeting with President before Wednesday. After returning to the Parliament area , Hakmeemana Thayaratne Thero, the Leader of the Sinhala Ravaya, bowed among the protesters that if no solution is reached in the meeting with the President, the struggle will again blast.