Tamil Diplomat

Sinhalization pursued taking the development as a weapon, CM condemns the Government

The Government which not willing to speak about Federal solution is bent on grabbing the powers vested with the Provinces. It has taken up the weapon of Development to pursue militarization and Sinhalization, said NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran while speaking during yesterday’s sitting of the NPC held at its Secretariat.

Speaking further he said, ” I see the Stable Development Act as a weapon to grab the powers already granted to Provincial Councils. 17 objectives have been laid down for countries to achieve within 15 years from 2015. 15th objective says that no circumstances could be created that could cause violence. But the government is keeping more than 150,000 soldiers and speak against violence.

In the book with a title of “A Sri Lanka with strength” a proposal to develop Trincomalee into an industrial and tourist location. This means that the centre will go beyond provincial council and settle Sinhalese there. The haste with which law are being brought without bringing laws defining clearly the laws and authorities of Provincial Councils give us suspicion.  This seems to be an attempting to grab all powers to Centre, he said.