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Sirupiddy Murder case taken up after 18 years :5 Army men remanded, warrants issued against 11

The Sirupiddy case where 2 youths were murdered was taken up for hearing by Jaffna Magistrate Court after a lapse of 18 years.16 Army men were charged in this case and 5 of them who were present in court were ordered to be remanded and arrest warrants were issued against 11 who were absent, by judge S.Satheestharan.

A case filed by Atchuvely police in 1998, accusing on suspicion,  16 Army men of Atchuvely Army Camp that they abducted 2 youths from Sirupiddy area, in 1997 and had murdered them, at the Jaffna Magistrate Court. Later this case file was sent to Attorney General’s Department, where it was shelved for years.

Now the AG’ Department had instructed the Atchuvely police to continue the proceedings of the case. Earlier summons  were sent to the suspects and case case was taken up yesterday.

Although the 5 suspects who were remanded appealed for bail, the judge rejected it saying that he has no power to release Murder Case suspects. 2 of the other suspects had been KIA, it is reported.