Tamil Diplomat

A situation of being unable to resettle in Muhamalai due to Military Presence

The people who are unable to settle in the areas allowed for resettlement say that they are unable to do so as the army is trying to enforce a land grab there.

People of Muhamalai were displaced due to war situation 20 years ago. This area was handed over to the people in last December, by the District Secretary of Kilinochchi. The army stationed near the A9 road is in charge of deactivating any UXO found in the area. The Lands under the control of the Army belong to 8 families.These families have asked the army to shift their fence a little so that they could put up houses and live there. They have asked for the Army to completely leave out of the camps.

The OIC of the camp had said that he has no authority to move the camp. 5 other officers came and promised to shift the camp, but nothing happened. On the contrary the fence of the Army was shifted near the area where the people living in temporary shelters. Now houses are being allocated to the people but they are unable build the house due to lack of sufficient lands.

Although relevant officials have been informed we are unable to settle into our own lands even after 20 years of displacement. The Army is running a restaurant there and the Army is refusing to shift because of this the people said.