Tamil Diplomat

Sivajilingam calls for the adherence to Maveerar Week from 21 – 27 of November, 2016

The Member of the Northern Provincial Council has put out a call to commemorate, all the Maveerars who have dedicated themselves in fire of Liberation Struggle for the dawn of all Tamil People.

” Let us sentimentally remember our Liberation fighters” , he has said. He has put out this call in the context of the Maveerar Week falling into this month, 21st to 27 to be exact.

Only by remembering our people, who have fought for us, we can win our permanent solution. Remembering the fighter who fought for the liberation of one race is one of the important duties of that nation. If we remember them only the International community will talk about our problems. If we forget to remember our Maveerars, the International Community will also forget our problems. Every Tamil should realize this, he had insisted.

If the JVP could remember Rohana Wijeweera and other dead members, if the Government could remember their dead soldiers why cannot we remember our Maveerars. The Armed forces and police and their respective intelligence units should not hinder or threaten the people remembering their Maveerars. The Government should allow us to commemorate the people who lost their lives fighting for us, he had said.