Tamil Diplomat

Six common criminals arrested under PTA to be released in the guise of releasing TPPs

Early today 29 prisoners were taken to court with their belongings on the pretext of releasing Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs). But among them were 6 Sinhalese prisoners who are common criminals but arrested under PTA. The Tamil Diplomat learns.

As there was no one to sign for the prisoners at the courts,  they were taken back  to the prison. On their way they have given ‘hard’ interviews to the media.

May be because of this interviews, suddenly in the evening 29 persons including one woman and 4 of the above   criminals, were taken away and were released on two surety bails worth Rs.500,000/= each per person. Originally 31 were to be released but two of them are undergoing rehabilitation on their own wish.

All the other TPPs have signed letters of request for voluntary rehabilitation except 07. These seven have at least two or more cases based on the same confessions and this confessions had been rejected by the court for all seven of them. As it is a matter of time before the other cases are thrown out on the rejection of confession in one case, these seven had asked to release them unconditionally.

The TPPs released were released under several conditions including:

*Signing once in every two weeks at TID Office in Vavuniya.

* Handing over passport if any

* Any change in address to be notified to authorities.