Sunday 12 July 2020
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Skeleton recovered from Kankesanthurai

Skeleton recovered from  Kankesanthurai

A skeleton of a male was discovered in close proximity to Kankesanthurai Railway station yesterday. It is suspected that this man could have died within two months.

The Railway workers quarters are located at a little distance from the Railway Station. Cleaning work was undertaken yesterday around the quarters. Foul smell was emanating from a bush near the quarters. On close inspection,  a skeleton was found in the bush. Kankesanthurai Police was informed immediately, who came to the spot and made inspections.

Male clothes had been around the skeleton and at a short distance other covers biscuit and milo were found.

The Mallakam Court acting Judge A.Anantharajah and JMO, U.Mayurathan visited and inspected the spot yesterday evening.

The judge ordered for a postmortem on the skeleton and to proceed with inquiries. Further inquiries are being made by Kankesanthurai Police.

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