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Skull with cut scar recovered from the excavation site at the Mannar Sathosa premises

The excavations at the Sathosa premises in Mannar yielded a skull with a cut scar. This raised questions as to whether the scar is a result of post-mortem or caused by being attacked with a sharp weapon or by other means. Human remains are continued to be recovered from the excavation site. Whenever the top layers of human remains are removed new remains are found under them which had made the excavation process a continuous one.

The excavations were undertaken for the 66th time yesterday and skull with the cut scar was found during that. The excavations are led by Special Judicial Medical Officer and a Professor of Archaeology. So far 122 skeletons have been found and 114 of them have been removed for storing.

No information has been provided as to whether the scar ion the found skull is caused by post-mortem or by being attacked by a sharp weapon or by any other means.