Tamil Diplomat

SL adopts unwavering foreign policy: Mangala

Foreign Minister Mangala Samarweera has observed that the government adopts an unwavering and consistent foreign policy and won the acclaim of the global countries.

Speaking in Parliament on the Budget debate, he further stated that the government maintains friendly relationships with all countries. Now we are equally friendly with both China and the US, Russia the EU and India and Pakistan. The country’s foreign policy is moving forward on the right track.

He added that within the 100 days programme, the present government could be able to fulfill the requirements of the people that had not been fulfilled by the previous regime for the past ten years. Budget 2016 had laid a strong foundation to the speedy development.

He went on that people of this country expects speedy action regarding the financial fraud and corruptions that had taken place during the previous regime.

He alleged that the previous regime had secret deals with the LTTE and the Tamil Diaspora. He also alleged that they had met all the members of the Tamil Diaspora in secret, while now finding fault with us when we try to usher in peace.