Tamil Diplomat

“SL cannot miss golden opportunity for Reconciliation”: Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has observed that the country can ill afford to miss this opportunity for reconciliation in the larger interest of all communities and the country at large.

He also stated that a new constitution will be enacted with devolution, electoral reforms, reconciliation etc as its essential features.

He was delivering the Sujata Jayawardena memorial oration at the BMICH yesterday. It was held under the patronage of Alumni Association of Colombo University.

He explained that the proposed constitution will ensure a political solution within the framework of the unitary structure. It will also ensure devolution of powers to the provinces. The adopted draft of the constitution will be presented to the people for referendum. Consensus is the need of the day. Prosperity of the country depends on its stability.

He went that President Siriseana had campaigned for national reconciliation. Many Parliamentarians agree that national reconciliation is of primary concern. He had discussed the matter with Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan and we are committed to an early political solution.