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Smoke haze: a $ 100 million lawsuit filed against the trader in Indonesia

Sungai Petani, 23 October in protest at the rising smoke to bolster the problem, Sungai peanuts Indonesia Indian businessman who has made ​​a complaint against the Police and warned to seek compensation of US $ 100 million.

If he succeeds in this case, I needed to deposit the schools, as the 52-year-old MR will provide financial assistance to needy groups. Said scrapbook.

Sungai Petani, Taman kempasaic filed a complaint at the police station Batas emkunacekaran kappala yesterday ,. His complaint is subsequently spread allover Indonesia. He said ,The problem is worsening in the country, but he is very disturb from smoke.

“Smoke inhalation after me and my children, civilians face breathing problem. I plan to go to court to seek a US $ 100 million in the international press, “said the scrapbook.