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Solar powered ‘Pannaddu’ drier introduced at Kaithady Palmyrah Research Centre

A solar powered Pannadu (Dried Palmyrah fruit cream) Drier has been introduced in the Palmurah Research Centre in Kaithady, Jaffna. The drier was the result of a joint effort of The Palmyrah Research Organization,  and the National Economical and Development Organization. The device was designed by, Senior Research Engineer Malinikumari Ranathunge.

This rectangular shaped device which operates on solar power has been divided into six sections. Each section can hold two trays on to which the cream mechanically extracted from palmyra fruits. Pannaddu could be produced hygienically using this device and exported abroad, said Malinikumari Ranathunga.

During the introduction of this device,  expert advice on producing palmyrah based food products like, Yogurt, Ice cream, Pudding, Biscuit, cookies, Sponge cakes, Jelly, Instant Kool mixture, processed kernel (Pooran), processed young palmyrah fruit( Nungu) and upgraded Palmyrah based food items like, sweet toddy(Pathaneer), Palmyrah Syrub( Panampany), Palmyrah sugar cube( Panankaddi), Palmyrah toddy,  Palmyrah fruit cream( Panam Kali), taste added Pannaddu( pani panaddu) and Palmyrah Cordial were disseminated by S.Sri Wijendran, the Manager of the Palmyrah Research Centre and by T.Paneerchelvam, an officer of the Centre.