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Solution to Ethnic problem is a dragging matter: CM ofEastern Province, Naseer

Although everyone is expecting the solution to the Ethnic problem is close at hand, in my view it is still a time dragging effort said the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, Seinulabtheen Naseer Ahmed.

He was addressing the audience of the event to honour 74 Grade 5 students in the Eravoor Educational Division, who had passed the Grade 5 Scholarship examination, held on Saturday in Eravoor.

The solution to the ethnic problem is a betrayal, continuing without any solution in the history of Sri Lanka. Current moves in this regard are continuations of the uncertainties that prevailed to date.

Telling the minorities, ” Here comes the power devolution” and “There comes the devolution” are mere eye washes. It is high time the centre stops such eye washings. The Centre had wrapped just a shawl inscribed with power Devolution.

The matters indicated in the 13th amendment had been refused by the Centre and the constitution had made a question mark. Power devolution exists only on paper.

Land and Police powers are refused to the provinces. Even the power to appoint staff within the province is provided to the Provinces, he said.