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Solution to the Ethnic problem, through the new Constitution, assurance in Jaffna, by Minister Rajitha Senaratne

While stating that, the solution for the long prevailing Ethnic Problem will be found through the New Constitution, the Spokesman of the Cabinet and  Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Rajitha senaratne also said that he is very careful regarding the rights of the Minorities.

The opening of the statue of ‘Mamanither’ Raviraj, and the commemorative meeting were held in Chavakacheri  on Sunday, yesterday.

The Minister Rajitha Senaratne gave the above assurance, while participating and addressing the gathering in the above event.

“Raviraj is a good friend of mine. He always explained ethnic problem to southern people in a language understandable by them. He moderately fought to solve Ethnic problem. We are losing several things because of his loss. Wickrebahu Karuna Ratne, me and the likes are fighting for the rights of the minorities. Sampanthan, Sumanthiran and the likes are fighting along us.

We will solve the Ethnic problem through the new Constitution itself. Then Raviraj will reincarnate and live with us, he said.