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If the solution is not possible during Maithri’s regime, It will never be possible : EP CM, Naseer

The Eastern Province CM, Habis Naseer Ahmed said yesterday that if a solution is not possible for the ethnic problem during Maithri’s regime, it will never be possible.

He was addressing the gathering at an event to celebrate the completion of second year  of Maithri’s rule, held at the District  Secretariat, Batticaloa.

The Tamil and Muslim people helped to form this government in the best hope that he will fulfill the aspirations of the minorities.

On the basis of this, it is laudable feature that he is paying his attention on North and East and implementing several development projects in North and East.

We still believe and hope that he will provide a solution for the minorities could live permanently and peacefully on this soil.

Not only that but we also believe the solution to the ethnic problem will be complete only through devolution of power and that through the devolution of power, the president will contribute to build up rapidly the lives of people who were affected by war and are encountering various distresses.

The Eastern people are ready to wholeheartedly support any initiative of the Good governance to establish reconciliation but the President had to control some Ministers who had joined hands with racists and through that the good Governance rule will be strengthened.