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Solution to ethnic problem with UN mediation, resolution adopted in NPC

The NPC had called for UN mediation in any solution to the festering ethnic problem should be found with UN mediation . This call had been adopted as a resolution in the NPC.

The 40th sitting of the NPC was held in the Secretariat in Kaithady.

Member M.K.Sivajilingam in submitting a resolution said that, the problem of the Tamils in Sri Lanka had been dragged on for more than 65 years. Even 6 years had passed after the end of the war without any solution in sight. His resolution called for UN mediation and technical assistance for the solution of ethnic problem.

The Opposition leader Thavarasa raised doubts that it might disturb UN resolution passed on Sri Lanka.Seconding the motion Sarveswaran  said  that the wording ” International Society mediation” be changed to “UN mediation”. Finally the resolution was adopted with minor changes.