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Solution to national question is of paramount importance: Anura

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake has stressed that finding a solution to the national question is of paramount importance. He also assured fullest support to resolve the national issue taking into account the aspirations of the people of the north and east. The participation of the people in the North and East to elect a president marked a change of their mind set.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, he stated:  ‘ JVP in the present political context supports  government whilst not accepting any portfolios, During previous presidential elections, people of the North and East did not exercise their franchise properly. They considered electing a president for Sri Lanka was not their business. Their concerns were only of the leader in their part of the country. For the first time in our recent history, people of the North and East decided to take part in voting to elect a president and that indicated a change of their mind-set. They participated in the election, because they too think as citizens of this country. They participated in the election of their leader too. Thus, it is of paramount importance to deliver a solution for the national problem taking their aspirations into consideration. For that purpose we will give our party’s fullest cooperation.

People of this country gave a clear verdict against corruption and nepotism. The country was being led towards a dictatorship and people defeated that move. From the very top to bottom of the government was corruption, frauds and abuse of power. We have been able to put an end to it. It is a special victory. We thank all the people for that.

We do not need to set up a parliament where the majority favours the government. One half of the SLFP is in the government, while the other is in the opposition. This has been designed to secure the opposition leader’s position. We demand the SLFP to make its position clearly to this House where it stands today. The JVP’s stance is clear. We are not part of the government, but represent the opposition. We will not take posts in the cabinet. But we will actively support the 100 day programme for its progressive content. The TNA’s stance is similar to that. But where does the SLFP stand now?”