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A solution which will acknowledge Right of Internal Self Determination, needed, says Sampanthan

A solution which will acknowledge the right of Internal Self Determination and with Autonomy has to be found within this year, said the Leader of the opposition and TNA, Era Sampanthan had insisted.

He had insisted so in a Thai Pongal Message h had issued.

When Thai Pongal is around lot of expectations will bloom in the minds of Tamil people.

A long term expectation in the minds of our people is the solution to the National Problem. Initiatives to find a solution through the new Constitution were taken last year and an interim report including matters we could take into consideration has been tabled.

I pray to God that, the path to be paved for the achievement of understanding with an open heart , race reconciliation and unity  through  finding a solution  which will respect the sovereignty  of  all people ,  acknowledge the right of  Internal Self Determination and with a permanent and sustainable autonomy in this new year, he has said.