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Solve Problems or quit – Warning to Police OICs by Senior DIG

The OICs of the police Stations in the Jaffna division were yesterday warned by the Lalith Jeyasinghe, the Senior DIG, to take action against crimes like sand and timber smuggling and Theft.

The Meeting of the Civil Security Committee was held yesterday at the Jaffna District Secretariat.

The Divisional Secretaries, Chairmen of Pradesha Sabas and PC members who were participating in this meeting complained about the inefficient way in which police is acting in the district. Sand is being mined illegally, valuable Palmyra trees are being felled and taken away without proper authority robbery has gone up. The police is brushing off their responsibility saying one or the other reason, and also that the Children and Women’s unit are operating in name only,s aid they.

The SDIG in his reply had warned the OICs that they should show results before the 30 of this month or be ready to lose their jobs.