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Some clauses from Statute for CM’s Fund to be removed in order to get Governor’s Approval.

In a move to remove certain controversial clauses from the Statute for Chief Minister’s Fund, in order to obtain the Governor’s approval,  the Chief Minister will table a resolution seeking the approval of the house relevant to removal of said clauses.

The original statute was sent for Governor’s approval more than one year ago, but approval was not received from the Governor to date.

There is a clause in the Statute for the CM’s Fund, stating that “Provincial and Colombo Government’s funds could be integrated in the Fund.”

The CM is taking action to remove this clause from the Statute.

The Resolution says that, ” Clauses 16(a) and (b) be removed and clauses 16(c) and (d) to be re-numbered as 16(a) and (b) and the statute be sent with the amendments to the Governor for approval.”