Tamil Diplomat

Some echoes from EZhuka Thamizh…

“EZhuka Thamizh, the uprising by Tamil people has issued a strong warning to International Community, the Government of Sri Lanka and some Tamil Leadership.

It warns our politicians that the solution for  Tamil people  shall be nothing but, a Federal System with Self Determination.

It warns that the Tamils are not ready to accept Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism you are trying force on us and nor to receive it.

It says to the international community that, you turned a Nelsonian eye on Genocide, now you have the obligation of obtaining a  solid solution for our losses”:  Prof. C.K.Sittampalam.

“ Tamil people are not defeated people. Our  lands are not for grabbing. Our culture and civilization are not to be destructed. EZhuka Thamizh shows that we will fight to the last against these attempts”: Suresh Premachandran.

“If the solution for us is refused EZhuka Thamizh will rise to new heights as the Force of the Change”: Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.

“This struggle with the massive of the people will give definite victory” : Tharmalingam Siththarthan

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