Sunday 20 January 2019
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Some Final propaganda

Some Final propaganda

Day Echoes from the LG Election arena.

  • The TNA has betrayed Tamil People by not insisting for International Investigation on war
    crimes.:Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam, ACTC
  • Firm Solution only if the Tamil People join us: Era Sampanthan, TNA
  • Let’s vote for TNA for the dreams of the Tamils to become a reality: Educationalist  Association
  • Only TNA could rally Tamil people at National Level: Former Militants.
  • CM trying to defeat TNA with guile: Mawai Senathyrasa.
  • We are completely boycotting LG Elections: Volunteer Teachers.
  • Tamil Leadership responsible for the increase of Buddhist Temples in North and East: Ainkaranesan, MPc
  • EPDP is making Tamil people into Donkeys: Sivajilingam, NPc
  • Voting for UNP, SLFP is like degrading Tigers: Saravanapavan, MP
  • Don’t vote for Elephant and House: Vavuniya Citizen’s Committee

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