Tamil Diplomat

Some parties are engaging in Drinking water-politics: NPC CM

Some parties are utilizing the drinking water problem of the peninsula with vested interests with the impending Parliament elections as the target. They are unnecessarily panicking the public. They are not prepared to put up solutions. What they want is to panic the people and do politics out of it, said Justice C.V.Wigneswaran , the CM, NPC.

He also put out a call for concerned people to participate in the meeting to be held in this regard on next Sunday.

Because of the impending elections some political parties and politicians are manipulating directly and indirectly, some organizations and had taken the water problem into their hands. They have made the people to panic excessively. They should give up this act, he further said.

Elaborating further he said that, many people are expressing opinions regarding this matter basing purely on speculation. They are making the people to panic, but they are not putting forward their about how to solve this problem.

He also informed that, action had been taken to invite all concerned parties and to discuss about this problem. Water supply will be continued to affected families until the final report of the Expert Committee. Till then it is not appropriate to drink well water.