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While South celebrated the Independence Day Black Day observed in the North

While the South celebrated the Independence Day with all the pomp and pageantry, black day observance marked the day.

The Pilakudiyiruppu people who are on their 5th day of struggle demanding they be allowed to step into their own lands, held an attention drawing demonstrations at their struggle site, exhibiting black flags and binding black clothes over their mouths. All shops in Mullaitheevu District were closed yesterday in solidarity with the Pilakkudiyiruppu people. Protesters in Puthukudiyiruppu went into the 2nd day of blocking the Divisional Secretariat.

The army and police men were videoing the protesters near Jaffna secretariat, who staged a black band demonstration at the time of the official Independence Day Celebration held at the District Secretariat.

All though police handed over courts order banning any protest blocking A9 road to the protesters led by MPc Sivagilingam, Ananthy Sasitharan and Sarveswaran, the protesters argued that their demonstration is being held on the road side, not blocking A9 and police had already positioned blocks across A9.

It is notable that neither Sampanthan nor Wickneswaran   participated in the Official Celebration but Sumanthiran took part in the Colombo celebration.

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