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Special Courts for TPPs with a racist view, accuses Rev. Fr. Sakthyvel

While accusing that the special court for the TPPs are being established with a racist view, Rev. Fr. Sakthyvel, the President of the National Organization for the release of Political Prisoners, he also said that the Representatives of the Tamil people should exert pressure on the Government to prevent it.

He had said so in a press release issued yesterday.

Elaborating further he had said that the government should come forward to take political decisions and release the political prisoners.But in this context of Political solution being a mirage, if the government want to create confidence among people, it should release the Tamil Political Prisoners, without conditions.

The Government established a Special Court for the Political Prisoners in Colombo, but on complaints to the president by the political prisoners that the court is causing injustice to them, the court was stopped from functioning. Now the Court is being transferred to Homagama. It seem to us that this is done with a racist view. The relatives say that Homagama is place filled with racists and their lives as well as those of political Prisoners will be at risk. Another factor is the Transport cost.

Attorneys at law of the Political Prisoners had informed the CJ that they will not attend court at Homagama and had requested the CJ not to establish the Special courts for political prisoners there.

It could be acceptable if the court is established at either in Colombo or Jaffna or Vavuniya or Anuradhapura.

The Representatives of people should speak to the president regarding this with the welfare of the political prisoners and the injustice meted out to us in mind, he had said.