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Special Projects undertaken in areas affected by disasters: Rubini Varathalingam

” Project proposals for identifying areas continuously affected by disasters and for undertaking Special Projects for them are being submitted now ” , said Ms.Rubini Varathalingam, the Divisional Secretary, Jaffna, when addressing the people during the distribution of relief material to peoples affected by floods, in the Jaffna District, held at St. Mary’s Community Centre, Navanthurai, Jaffna.

” Alternate places are to be identified to re-settle people continuously affected by disasters. The Director of Disaster Management, Jaffna, in preparing several projects in this regard. The coastal areas in the Divisional Secretary’s area of Jaffna are being continuously affected by the disasters.

My solution would be to build permanent dwellings in the State lands in close proximity to the affected areas and settle the people now in the vulnerable areas.”

” Public Organisations could also send their proposals to the District Secretariat, Divisional Secretariats and the Director of Disaster Management, of the District. These proposals also will be considered. ” she further clarified.