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Special treatment centre for Differently – Abled in Kilinochchi : Ranil in Kilinochchi

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said yesterday that, he is take action to establish a Special Treatment Centre in Kilinochchi to treat former members of the LTTE, members of the civil society, Mentally retarded, and people mentally affected who were made differently abled by the war.

During a meeting in Kilinochchi, one of the differently-abled, described their problems to the Prime Minister directly, and MP, Sivasakthi Anandan who was present at the meeting went reiterate the submission of the above differently-abled person, saying that, “There are around 700 to 1000 children and students who carry in their bodies, bullets and shell pieces. These had not been removed to date. Consideration should be given this also.”

The Prime Minister in reply said, “ Many in this war-affected region are affected mentally as well as physically. I have planned to take action to alleviate these affectations with the help from other countries. I have instructed the relevant minister to take action in coordination with the Ministry of Social Service and the Provincial Council. I have also conversed with Indian Prime Minister Modi regarding this.

Around 300 specialist Doctors will needed in this regard. Appropriate doctors will be trained abroad for this and their services will be augmented by doctors to be obtained from countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

A special treatment centre will be set up in Kilinochchi. The Provincial Council and the Civil Society here should quickly provide the statistics necessary for this.