Sunday 21 October 2018
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If Sri Lanka continues to violate Human Rights it will be isolated under Labour Government: warns   Shadow Chancellor of the UK

If Sri Lanka continues to violate Human Rights it will be isolated under Labour Government: warns   Shadow Chancellor of the UK

Reiterating the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbin’s  long term concern and support  regarding the rights of the Sri Lankan Tamil people, John McDonnel, the shadow chancellor and senior member of Labour party said that the Labour Party Government will insist on an International investigation commission on Sri Lanka.

While saying this in an interview granted to S. A.N. Rajkumar of Conversation TV, McDonnel also warned that if Sri Lanka continues to violate human rights it will be isolated.

The Labour Party led by Gordon Brown was in power when the genocide against the Tamil people was perpetrated in 2009 in Sri Lanka. In this context, McDonnel was asked, if there would be any change under labour government regarding the problem of the Tamil people, and in reply he emphasized that the current Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbin, is a person who has raised his voice consistently for Tamil people of Sri Lanka for a long time, devoted his life for  the campaign of human rights and acting with a consideration for Human Rights as the core  of his Foreign policy, he also said that pressure will be exerted for holding a proper International Investigation commission  in to war crimes committed in Sri Lanka.

While noting that, not only Sri Lankan Government, but also any government that will violate Human Rights shall be isolated, that, they will not undertake any commercial activities with such governments and no military aid will be granted to them, he also said that pressure will be exerted on such countries through UN.

Crediting Jeremy Corbin as the first ever Prime Minister who will act with the Human Rights as basis of his Foreign policy, he further said that, several British Parliamentarians raised their voices in support Tamil people who were suffering in Sri Lanka, but, Jeremy Corbin was at the forefront of the campaigns. He also reminded that when the Tamil people held continuous protests in London while the final war was waged, Jeremy Corbin participated in them.

McDonnell further clarified that the Economy Policy to be adopted under the Labour Party will never affect small entrepreneurs like Tamil people and while implementing a fair taxing, they will act supportively to small and medium entrepreneurs.

Answering a question regarding what action will the Labour Party will take, to ensure that, the people who have migrated to Britain from European countries do not get affected by the activities for the UK leaving the European Union (Brexit), John McDonald said, that the Labour Party will negotiate with the European Union so that such people will not be affected. He said that, the people who have migrated to the UK from Europe Union Countries could constructively contribute to the Economy.  Saying that, if the Conservative party win the elections, the people who migrated to the UK from European Union Countries will be affected, he also accused that the Conservative Party is using these people as pawns in the bargaining with the European Union Countries.

It is notable that, both Jeremy Corbin and John McDonnell are continuously raising their voice for the rights of the Tamil People in Sri Lanka, from the days “Black July” in 1983 to date while participating in struggles and meetings organized by the Tamil people living in Britain.

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