Tamil Diplomat

Sri Lanka gets U.S. support to probe corruption, financial crime

The United States and Sri Lanka have agreed to implement a 2.6 million US dollar program to help the island fight corruption and other crimes.

The agreement will enhance the capabilities of Sri Lanka’s criminal justice authorities to investigate and prosecute complex crimes, and improve delivery of justice for all citizens, a statement said.

“A fair and equitable justice system goes to the heart of any democracy,” said U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap.

“The United States looks forward to sharing its experiences to help raise professionalism and transparency in Sri Lanka in a way consistent with international standards.”

As Secretary Kerry announced during his visit to Sri Lanka in May, these new programs will help reform the justice system and include training to improve individual skills, promoting policies to professionalize criminal justice institutions and practitioners, and ensuring better coordination between police and prosecutors.

In addition, separate programs will help build Sri Lanka’s capacity to handle complex crimes such as corruption, narcotics trafficking, and financial and organized crimes.