Tamil Diplomat

Sri Lankan Gov. systematically denied food and medicine to civilians in war-affected areas: UNHRC Report accuses

A copy of the UN Human Rights Council report, which has already been provided to the Government of Sri Lanka, is being kept a close secret until it is formally placed on the UNHRC’s official website anytime next week.  Sri Lankan diplomatic sources quoted by The Sunday Times in Sri Lanka as saying that the probe team has made strong indictments against both the troops and the LTTE over purported war crimes.

Though no politicians or those who were in combat have been named, these sources said, identification of those involved was not difficult since reference was being made in the findings to the chain of command with the identification of areas where violations occurred.

According to some sources, the previous Government has also been strongly indicted for what they call systematically denying or depriving food and medicine to civilians in war-affected areas. It has taken note of reports by the Government Agent for Wanni that some 350,000 civilians were affected by this move, the sources added. The Newspaper reported.