Tamil Diplomat

Srinesan on Budget’s pros and cons

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian Srisneshan has expressed the view that the Budget 2016 has both positive and negative aspects.

He was speaking on the Second Reading Debate on the Budget Proposals.

Srisneshan welcomed Budget proposals 2016 to reduce the prices of essential food items, build 1,000 houses in each electorate, increase the liquor manufacturing license fee, increase private sector salaries by Rs. 2,500, strengthening child protection activities of the country, giving a certified price for paddy, etc.

He requested that the government should take measures to protect the rice produced by farmers by enhancing storage facilities. The government should take measures to encourage local producers before taking measures to attract foreign investors.

He added that the people in the North and East expected relief as well as solutions for the problems faced by them. But the Budget proposals 2016 has not addressed these issues. Measures should be taken by the government to develop infrastructure facilities of the North and East and provide a permanent solution to the human – elephant conflict. People in our area voted for this government hoping for a better change in their lives.

He urged that the government should take prompt action to solve the unemployment problem of the North and East youth.